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Many brand themselves as an SEO Expert in Nigeria, but the case is not, and they rarely practice what they preach. But I want to ask you a question, How Did you found me? I guess through Google or other search engine, right? This is practicing what I preach. SEO is an evolving industry, which means what is working today may not be effective tomorrow.
The best practice is to stay up to date with the latest algorithms updates and utilize white hat strategies. If you don’t know what that means, not to worry. SEO strategies are mostly classified into three, namely white hat SEO, black hat SEO or grey hat SEO. The one you choose depends on so many factors but largely on the SEO consultants in Lagos you employed to carry out your project. Needless to say. White hat surpasses other strategies. A typical line, grey hat or black hat practitioner uses is, I will rank you first on Google, on a typical number of days. While nobody has a perfect knowledge of how the Google algorithm ranks, 100%. A black hat digital marketing companies in Lagos will try to game/trick Google system. And things may be fine, for a short time, probably weeks, and months. But they didn’t tell you. If Google is very likely to penalize your website for bad practices, even worst de-indexing the site. And de-indexing means, a site is being removed from the search engine and this is worst because all effort to make the brand or organization site get more visibility has been dashed to the gutters. And I wouldn’t want to bother you with the SEO jargons, who cares, lol, but to get found online, increase your brand visibility and income. Here is a short breakdown if you care to know more or familiarize yourself with, what this SEO is about and why I need to engage the service of a seo practitioner in Lagos. You may want to visit my blog section to get a more expanded knowledge of how SEO works. In fact, I wrote out some series, for brands and individuals who care to wield the power of SEO to skyrocket their business. For someone to call themselves SEO strategist in Lagos, He/she must first understand the business first. Many may say, Keyword Research, truly that’s the first step for any SEO process. How do you know the perfect keywords to rank? That’s where I come, I just don’t rank keywords. As SEO is an online marketing tool, you can’t afford to miss out.

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Boost your rankings

For online visibility via a search engine, rankings is everything. How many times do you hover to the second page of Google for search results? I know you can count them, even if you’ve done that before. Well, many people do not also. That’s where I come in.

Drive More Targeted Traffic

No matter how well a website is designed, if you have no traffic, then me and you no there is no business to transact. Drive targeted traffic to your website, who are more interested in what you do. Talk to me for a free consultation.

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The First Approach

Website Audit

As an SEO Expert, I’d say this is the first thing you need to do before implementing an SEO Campaign. Website Audit is an in-depth and full analysis of your website in relation to its online visibility from the search engines and/or social media.

While a lot of website owners shy away from auditing their website or run an audit through popular web audit tools, they are missing out a lot in terms of traffic, conversion rate and revenue growth.

You may ask, why do I need a web audit from an SEO agency? Websites can be complex, and as a website owner you are a professional in your business, why not let us handle what we know how to do most. We are your go-to SEO audit provider we can count on; we breathe and live website SEO, digital marketing, and gaining online visibility for brands and businesses.

SEO has evolved over time, after spending almost a decade in the online marketing, we have witness SEO in its simplest form, from adding the needed keywords on content, Hs tag addition, Meta information and the rest. Things have changed and the search engines are giving more priority to other factors; • Website Speed • Responsiveness • Mobile Friendliness • Great Content • Search Intent and bounce rate • Technical Code Issues • Site Authority And so on, it can really be a pain in the ass, to keep up the changing industry trends and that’s where I come in.

As a website owner, do you really know your website? Sounds petty but can you boldly say if have an idea about these; How many links are pointing to your website:

You can get a free tool to do that, but the problem is they are mostly inaccurate unless you have a paid SEO tool, as an SEO strategist in Lagos, we have invested in our inventories for you. No need to shell out thousands for an audit, we’ve got you covered. How many quality links do you have: You can have links in hundreds or thousands, but the search engine is smart enough to know which one is really worth considering improving your rankings.

We take account different metrics developed by the industry big players, coupled with manual review to determine, what links you should consider to get more and more to improve your rankings. Is Schema Markup setup for your website: While the search bot try to understand your website, you can easily make their live more better by letting them know more about your website without much stress. I see a lot missing out on this.

What’s Contained in a website Audit A good website audit report takes a deep dive to detect and proffer solutions to the areas mentioned below On site issues: Issues ranging from proper use of keywords and placement in the appropriate sections ( Hs tags, content, title tags etc.). Compelling and CTA contents to increase visitors’ engagement etc. Technical Issues: Trims out deprecated code issues and runs website fast and smooth.

Off-Site: The Links pointing to your website, competitors research, market research and boosting your website authority Social Media: The number of brands mentions you have and how to improve your visibility on the social media.

Social signals are continuing to become a large part of ranking signals. Local SEO for small business: Getting listed in the most important business directories, proper citations, local optimization of your website to get found locally etc.

What a Good Audit can do for you If you are struggling to improve your rankings on the web: you should consider having a website audit done for you to help detect and fix issues causes the draw back Increase your Online Visibility: For a website coming up in the searches, there are lot more that can be done to super-charge its rankings, that’s where we come handy.

Optimizing your contents, fixing missing tags, running an online, engaging your visitors, there are lots more we can help with this, depends on the situation on ground. Sudden Drop in Rankings: Just like an ill patients visiting the hospital, we can help detect what went wrong, and how you can bounce back and even better.

Maintain a healthy Website: We usually encourage website owners to audit their website everywhere to keep your visibility in check, help detect what needs to improve and aid decision making in terms of the next goals to pursue.

You may be asking, How much does seo cost in Nigeria? A good audit is a great way to know the search engine optimization cost in Nigeria, we do not charge an arbitrary fees, our first step to determine the cost of seo  and beyond is running you a web audit.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step thing to do before trying to optimize a website for higher rankings, reputable SEO professionals in Lagos or elsewhere knows that which means if we didn’t get this right,

We may not be able to achieve our aim while implementing our SEO strategies. This is finding the appropriate words you want visitors to land on your website, our approach is optimizing your website for the right keywords.

Using this does not only attract traffic to your website, you will be able to drive targeted traffic to your website.

While we have different types of keywords, I will not want to bore you with these SEO jargons, but here is a quick one.

There are two categories I will like to mention

1) Type of Length

2) Type by Nature

Let’s take a look at the first category;

we have one/two- word keyword, long tail keywords and LSI Keywords.

One/two keyword (also called seed keyword); people usually type this a lot on search engine bar, but the problem is they are not targeted, not decisive and hence may result into a lot of traffic but not yielding the intended results.

For example, People looking to buy a round neck vest, are likely to type, round neck vest on the search bar, to check where to buy and how much it cost.

Apparently the number of people typing this will be more than other people typing the type of round neck vest they want to buy.

Long Tail Keyword: This is a longer version of a seed keyword like we mentioned above, other people are typing the same so as to land on a website but they are more specific with their requirement, probably in terms of size and color.

For example, blue XL round neck vest. Got the difference? Long tail keywords allow you to target the right audience who are more interested in your offer. With our SEO strategy, we are more interested in getting your business/brands to the right eyeballs.

LSI Keywords: LSI, stands for latent semantic intent, in simple terms, it means what other things/words you have to include when talking about a brand. Take, for example, if you talking about digital marketing, you are more likely to mention, Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Copywriting, Influencer marketing, SEO and others.

You may ask, while are we using LSI in our SEO campaigns, simple, we are making our content to meet the search intent and not only optimize for the search engine robot only.

Other SEO agencies in Lagos may not take this into consideration but we sure do. You see, a lot try to manipulate Google search engine, by repeating a singular keyword multiple times in a webpage, while this is not only ineffective, unethical and obsolete, it paints your brand/business with low pedigree, Seo in Nigeria do not need to be complicated if truly you know about your topic, there is no need to repeat the same words over and over again.

In the SEO world, we called this keyword stuffing, and it falls under an unethical practice called blackhat SEO (manipulating search engine with no value provided.) I will talk more about this, under the content strategy section.

Finding and using the right LSI keywords will not only make the search engine reward you with higher rankings, but it also positions you as an authority in your industry and ultimately satisfies the search intent.

Keyword Type by Nature: I will like to mention two types also here, we have; • Informational Keyword

• Transactional Keyword

Informational keyword: I think this is self-explanatory, I see a lot of people using this in the wrong way all the time. For example a college student wants to know about digital marketing in Nigeria. Sure, he/she will likely type digital marketing in Nigeria on the search bar, he/she is not looking to use this to market any product/service.

This person will not likely to hire/buy any digital marketing service. The same applies to lot of business having a website, and keeps on producing content not geared towards their service.

The only exception is if you are doing brand awareness, you want people to know you as an authoritative and do not intend to sell your product/service to them.

But, if you keep getting this type f traffic, and wonder while people do not contact your brand for business purpose, I guess you have the answer now. Typical examples of informational keywords, starts with, how to, complete guide on, most popular, the best and so on.

Transactional keywords: When people type this keyword on the search engine, they are ready to open their wallet and/or bring out their cards to buy from you right away.

Which one, will you prefer, customer wants get more information before placing an order or who is ready to pay? We need both, but we want to make sure we are landing the latter type of customer more to keep business in operation.

Transactional keywords can come in form of words like, where to buy, a coupon of, cost of SEO in Nigeria, etc.. A Reliable Digital Marketing Agency knows how to perform the most suitable keywords to implement in any SEO campaign.

And that’s what me and my team has been delivering to our clients behind the desk.

Content Creation & Strategy

Content is the pillar of every website or online properties, some people say content is king. While having a good, valuable form of content will help in any SEO campaign.

Creating only content for the search engine is going to have a toll on our performance on search results.

As an SEO specialist in Lagos, I do take account of users intent plus what the search engine is looking to rank you higher. It’s important we define our audience when creating content, we make sure we define your audience before putting up content.

Content can come in any form other than texts, am sure when you hear the word content, you are talking, ohh you mean texts. While text is important for content creation, we have other form of contents. Image:

A picture speaks volume of a topic than strings of words. Think of why the popular social media channel- Instagram gain much popularity. They focus on sharing non-texts content, images and others among users and the results? People tend to communicate easier taking both side by side. Video.

This is gain more popularity ever than before, most people tend to watch videos rather than reading a long text of articles like this. But I will not bore you with the facts and figures of video marketing. They are huge.

• More than 500 million hours are watched on YouTube Daily (Source Bufferapp)

• 87% of online marketers use video content we know it works (Source: Outbrain)

• Over 500 Million people are watching video on Facebook Everyday (Source Forbes).

• Video drives over 157% increase in SERPs organic traffic (Source: Brighclove.com)

Infographics: This is a large image format for a picture. It’s primarily used to convey an idea or concepts loaded with data on a subject. It’s good to include infographics to your SEO content, though depends on your industry and subjects you are talking about.

You can also getting decent amount of people linking to your infographics if it provides value to your readers, some can even go ahead to share it on the social media.

You can quickly create a free infographics using a free template from canva.com We have other type of content like, blog post, articles, Glossaries (yes, heard that right, they can be a way to coin more content, especially in a specialized industry like medicine), product pages and others.

SEO Continued

ON Page Optimization

On page optimization

on-site SEO is an SEO activity performed within the webpage or backend to your webpage to improve online visibility and user engagement

You see, SEO is a step by step process; you can’t bypass on-page implementation and have higher rankings in the search engine. With a solid on-page implementation, you are specifically instructing the search engine robot about, what your website is all about and how best to interact with it.

For a fully optimized web page, Our process starts with the website URL, are the SEO friendly? While this may not be a big deal, sure it’s a little point that contributes to the overall goal of the optimization.

Think of www.domainname.com/ecomservices compared to www.domainname.com/ecorrrxxx. The search engine is quicker to understand the former URL is all about e-commerce services rather than the latter.

Metal Description: Meta is specified information by a webmaster to a webpage on a website. This is the info displayed on the search engine result page (SERP).

We have the description and title in there. We use the right mix of keywords and copywriting to increase the like hood of your of your web page being clicked in the search result page, which means higher click-through rate and signal for higher rankings by the search engine.

We also work on your image and videos, optimizing it around the appropriate content it\s being used. Other things we consider while doing an on-page optimization, is reducing website load time, detecting and fixing duplicate content, adding schemas, intelligence content optimization (Not a cookie-cutter type using a generic plugin like Yoast only)

I could go on and talk about other kinds of stuff we will be touching regarding on-page optimization, but you are more interested in gaining more online visibility, right? Not here to learn about seo. With a solid on-page work on your site, you are ready to fly.

OFF Page Optmization

In this section, we are working behind the doors and do not need to work from the website itself.

The off page is all about link building. Link building is the backbone of any SEO campaign, SEO experts in Nigeria knows that. Perhaps, you are new to this, backlinks is a way of listing a website on another website with a clickable feature, such that you can move from website A to website B.

The art and science of working this through are called link building. While building quality links over quantity links is a major priority for us in any SEO campaign.

We have a lot of link automating software in the industry, people use to build links, but these software mostly low quality and junks links.

Think of link building as a sort of vote/endorsement, if the president of a nation, endorses someone for a position and other groups of people with no rankings or position endorse another for the same position, which one do you think will count? The president’s choice? OK you guess right, that’s how the search works regarding quality and authoritative links pointing to a website to improve its ranking score in the search engine research page.

When considering link acquisition, there are metrics we consider but they are not absolutely. Domain Authority: This is a metric produced from one of the industry biggest player, Moz.

This is the ability of a webpage to rank higher in the search engine result page. It ranges from 0-100. The higher the DA of a site, the better it is to acquire a link from that site.

However, this metrics seems to be easily manipulated, we are aware of that and can easily filter through a good and a bad high DA site. That’s what separates a professional SEO agency in Nigeria from quacks. Page

Authority: Individual page of a website, also have what we call PA, page authority works the same as domain authority, but this time on a page level.

Trust Flow: This is a link metrics developed by another industry leader, Majestic. It is the number predicting how trustworthy a page is, based on how trustworthy site links out around it, like a trustworthy link neighborhood.

Citation Flow: This is also similar, developed by Majestic also, it’s a measure of the influential power of a URL based on how many sites are linking to it.

We can also talk about page rank, as this metrics is developed by Google itself, but due to the rising number of people abusing this, they discontinued to update these metrics and is almost to use these days. We have metrics like domain rating, URL ratings, Alexa rankings, and others, the most important things is educating you on the basics of links.

Type of Links Nofollow: This is a type of links, telling the search bot not to pass the link power of a webpage to another webpage. Though most people argue acquiring a nofollow links is of use in SEO, but a mix of it is not bad.

Nofollow links still passes the authority of a webpage to another webpage, but not its links power. Follow/Dofollow: This is type of link that passes its authority, link power from a webpage to another.

I tell you, most SEO consultants in Lagos can kill to acquire a link from a high authority webpage (haha, just kidding). But nofollow are game changers when it comes to any link building campaigns.

Where to Acquire Links Guest post: This is putting up a post of your post on another website and linking back to your website/webpage.

This serves two purpose, traffic targeted traffic to your website, and passing the link power (juice) from your host to your linking website. Though some guest post maybe nofollow link, but mostly they are

Dofollow, its better to know if it’s a Dofollow or nofollow to know if it worth it. Newspapers/Editorial: This is putting up an article on a newspaper website and linking back to your website, like a guest post, this type of links are mostly nofollow but they have the ability to drive enormous traffic to your website.

Press Release: This is a formal announcement from a brand/personality to the public. PR serves many purposes, from product launch, awards announcement, company restructure announcement, and so on.

Of recent, they are beginning to gain popularity to be used for SEO purpose. Social Media: Links from Facebook page, groups, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest also counts.

Most social media links are nofollow, but they help in passing authority and trust to your websites.

Others such as image sharing websites, business directories, video sharing websites, blog commenting, web 2.0 and others. We offer Reliable SEO services in Lagos you can trust.

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