Thank You for joining me in this next episode.

In our last episode, we looked at what seo is and took the first step in a seo campaign- Keyword Research. The best type of keywords to target.

According to our last episode, we will need to know how to dig out all the parameters, which will not come out ordinarily. Before going further. I will want you to download some add-ons to kick start our work.

First, download “Mozbar”. It typically works on Mozilla or Chrome browser.

So type in Mozbar on search engine and install the extension. Follow the corresponding instructions and register.

Secondly download “Keyword everywhere”. Also on Mozilla or Chrome browser, follow the corresponding instruction and register.

When the two add-ons are set up. We can now proceed on the next line of action.

We will now unravel some little terms to gain more insights.

  • DA- Domain Authority: This term is simply how easy to get a webpage/website ranked on search engines. This mean the higher the domain, the higher a website is likely to rank above competitors during a search query. For instance, a website of DA 60 is likely to get ranked above DA 40. Please, DA is just one of the parameters utilized by Google search engine not the ultimate determinant in ranking a website.
  • PA: Page authority, a status of authority to command respect in the eyes of search engines. For ranking kick in, Google looks at how well you know your stuffs looking at the correlation on your article/post to general theme of your website.
  • Backlinks Profile: This is the backbone of ranking on Google, for ranking to kick in. Backlinks plays a major role to help Google decide if to rank you or not and that’s very important you care of that. Think Backlinks like a vote, the more vote a candidates, the more he is likely to win an election. The same goes for backlinks, the more backlinks you can acquire the more you are likely to be ranked. Please note, not all backlinks are the same. Backlinks from authority sites, are likely to get ranked from a low cadre sites. And the more higher backlinks you get, the more you are likely to get ranked.

So that’s the bare bone of SEO, if you do this correctly and consistently results are guaranteed.

In this episode we will be taking case studies to drive home our point.

Note the following websites

An industry ranges from easy to difficult to rank, knowing where you are in relative to your competitors is a very important thing to do.

To kickstart, let your mozbar be intact, in addition download the “epic browser” this will come handy in remove our limitations in the free version mode.

There are two approach to this, starting with your domain name or a typical keyword to rank for.

For example, we will starting from a domain name aspect,

It will return results like this.

OK, we will be checking certain areas.

Main organic competitors.

Top organic keywords


Under the organic competitors,

We will analyzing top three competitors, you will notice the websites that comes up are not industry company websites. You will have to go deeper and check the closest ones. In this case, they are the ones highlighted in the below diagram.

From above we will look at the most searched keyword, these competitors are using to pull traffic to their sites.

Just type in the domain name:

Slot this in or

This will bring out the keywords, are being ranked for on Google.

According to semrush, is ranking for Garden services centurion with serp 4 is ranking for centurion garden services with serp 1 is ranking for Garden services centurion with serp 1 data not pulled out.

The next step is targeting the keywords systematically

To rank for Garden services centurion, we will look at the backlinks profile of the main competitors and build something more powerful than them,

So we can get the backlink profile using

To start, headover to

Type in

It has

DA          10

PA          23

Backlinks root domains 3, total links 20

To outrank these website in “centurion garden services” we try to build our DA to outgrow theirs,

Build or do guest posting on higher DA websites and keep doing content marketing continuously.

Because, this is very simple to outrank, we can use this method to rank our intended business website/business.

We will repeat this steps for all the keywords and voila, in two weeks we should be seeing results.

In summary,

Analyze your competitors in terms of

DA, higher DA means higher probability of ranking a website
PA, higher PA means, how much Google thinks you knew your stuff
Backlinks profile, The more authority you can gather, the more you are likely to be picked up by Google search engine.

So this is the basics of how to uncover the competitors in your industry.