SEO for Complete Novice.
In its simplicity, search engine optimization is making your websites visible on the internet from search engine.

If you have a blog that you want to earn money from, seo is for you

If you have a website that needs to crank up its traffic per month, seo is for you

If you want to sell your products or service online seo is for you

If you will like to gain free audience/traffic, seo is for you.

I will not bore you with jargons in seo, but give you a simplified and actionable steps

Let me me be frank with you.

SEO is not an all-round solution provider, but an avenue to generate free traffic to your products/services.

The First step in SEO is Keyword Research.

This is the first thing to do in search engine optimization. It doesn’t make any sense if you are working day and night, working on a niche that’s not profitable. Imagine the resources that will be watered in terms of stress and fatigue, the financial and mental inconveniences.

So, let’s get it straight and working!

There are handful of tools you can use in conducting keyword research.

Either paid or free tools.

Below are tools, you can use

Google adword planner

Google autosuggestions

Screaming frog

My favorite is ubersuggest, why? It’s free and easy to use.

In this episode, I will taking you on how to conduct your keyword effectively and metrics to watch out for, when conducting a keyword analysis.

We have different classes and types of keyword to use in a SEO campaign, but I will take it step by step and give an overview of what you need to know.

Firstly, one word keyword: This keyword is a one word entered in search engine for users.

For example someone typed “Trump” the word/name trump in search engine, it’s a one word type of keyword. This type of keyword usually has high number of searches per month, in addition they are very competitive and difficult to rank for with low conversion. This means immediately you begin to rank for a single

A beginner may ask, this is a perfect type of keywords to target, but no. That’s a topic for another day.

Without further ado, we will be working with a type of keyword called long-tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords: These types of keywords are usually in phrase form. Something like “Best methods of cooking egg”.

This keyword are more targeted and converts higher, although they usually have lower searches per month, but the perfect keyword to work with.

Let’s start with I will be revealing other platforms you can use in the upcoming episodes.

Go to And type in your intended keywords.

It will return multiple keywords suggestions for you. From this you can pick the best match that suits your needs.

For this guide we will be using the keyword “How to backup iphone”.


By typing this keyword, it returned 339 results. From that we can pick the best keyword suggestion and begin to rank for it.

From the above diagram, it returned other metrics like monthly volume, CPC( cost per click), competition.

Welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimization

In the next episode, we will check out other methods on how to keyword research, and