One of the finest source of keywords, is Google himself. Think of where to get the latest information about a banking information except the central bank or federal reserve of the same country. That is what Google stands for.

To begin, we have to log in to and sign up for your google adwords account

If you don’t have a website yet, you can still proceed with your keywords. To proceed without a website click, “skip this guide setup”. Although, Google Adwords is used for running PPPC campaign, we can always utilize this tool to run our keyword research.

Head over to the tools sections and clock on Keyword planner.

Click, find New Keywords and Search volume and input your intended keyword, it will spool out keywords suggestion with searches per month with traffic.

Like our previous example of “How to backup iphone”

And voila, it returns your results,

Next, what next is to figure out the best keyword ideas to chase.
The best bet is pulling these keywords one by one using Mozbar.

This will give us an idea of how hard it is to rank a keyword. You will notice a section ‘competition’, this section is not necessarily indicating how hard it is to rank for our keywords. Remember we are not running any keyword, this will only be applicable if we are to run the PPC campaign.

So, we will carefully put our keywords into google search bar, with our mozbar intact and check the competition level another cool tool we can use to check the competition level at a glance is

If you missed how to do competition research, you check my post here on how to go about this.

The next tool you can use is what Google auto suggestion just like its name. You can let google suggest keywords for you to get an idea of what people are search for in relating to a keyword.

Just type in your root keywords, in Google search bar, it will bring out suggestions.

And that makes the conclusion of this topic.

Hope you enjoy! Do let me know if you have questions in the comments section.