Ranking a new website In 3 Month [Case Study]

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Mar 08

Supporting post: Scientific onpage optimization

Onpage foundations that really matters.


Case Study: Page 1 rankings with a new domain in less than 90 days.


Every website owners knows getting free website visitors from the search engine is an integral part of their online marketing strategy. While the industry SEO (search engine optimization) has gone under a lot of updates, there are still some fundamental rules you have to follow to achieve some considerate amount of success.


It also started back; in around June last years in an SEO group where I was a member, a challenge tagged, 30 days Rank or Go Challenge was announced. While the contestants are to register a new domain and try to rank it all within 30 days, the highest rank within 30 days wins the race.


Seems silly? But we want to prove a point here, if there anything called Google sandbox effect, the best tactics to rank quickly and what are the cool tactics one could deploy to beat the search engine hands down (not really getting penalized later on).


A typical keyword of, keyword + city was chosen, for example wedding photographer in Ikeja and boom the competition started, this is interesting because, this is group full of seo ninja’s who knew their onions, so it will be more difficult to win, since we all know what we are doing.


Long story short, the winner emerges in 30 days, but it get more interesting when the second place winner, beat the winner in the fourth month, with less links. Even dominating the map packs. Something likes this.


With a phenomena called scientific onpage optimization


This is fascinating to me, as I went along to try emulating the same tactics used in this competition to rank a new domain and validate their success. Well, it didn’t only worked ranking a new website in less than 90 days,



But, it reveals,  seoers have the ability to influence rankings and search engines are just a mix of maths and algos , will can actually influence them to our benefits.


Picking the Pieces together


Technical SEO section;


Technical stuffs like page speed, crawlability, SSL, and others are important to get favored in the search engine. I make sure; the site is added to Google webmaster to get the first hand information about the website health in the searches.


Also, the web page loads really fast, you might want to use a tool like gtmetrix.com to test the speed of your website compared to your competitors.



ON Page SEO:

Since, its really a local keyword, I  decide to use what I called, scientific on page optimization. Doing this alone, allow my new website to first appear on page 6 of Google. If you have a new website, it will typically appear on page 9-10. So, I knew I must been punching some hot blows to get it to page 6 on first appearance.


Scientific on page optimization is looking at what your competitors are doing exactly to rank and replicate the same tactics to achieve higher rankings.


While, SEO Plugins like Yoast might come to mind, it really do not take your competitions in considerations to give you recommendations on how to optimize your webpage, but some cookie cutter seo tips that are obsolete in the competitive markets.


For this exercise, I make use of a tool called, Pageoptimizer.pro, the guy behind the tool is Kyle Roof. To make use of this tool, I have to input my keywords, choose the location am targeting, input my top ten competitors and boom, it brings out to me, actionable steps to follow to have a perfectly optimized onpage, for this exercise.


As shown Below;



From 39.5% to 83.4%


A score of 80% is good to go.


For more relevancies, the main keyword is inserted into lsigraph.com, which returns highly relevant lsi keywords to include on the content. Irrelevant keywords are filtered off.


Google suggests on the web result page for the location and other locations are copied and filtered also, to be included in the content we will be writing.


The next is write some articles on the blog section to link back to our homepage, which is where we are targeting to get ranked on the serps. To get an idea of what to write, make sure to check, the section, “People also ask” section and write articles on most relevant topic.



I added, three blog posts, talking about bail bonds, how it works, and other common topics around the subject. This is to make, Google really sees this website as an authority in that subject, also important pages such as contact, history, FAQs and others were added to make sure, we are presenting ourself as a real business owner.


Note, this tools do not replace your intuitive when you are optimizing its recommendations, personally, I have to ignore some recommendations and stick with some standard guidelines of seo.


Now, it began to become more interesting when I shifted to the offpage, linkbuilding strategy.


Before we go further, let’s clarify some links you should consider when starting an seo campaign.


Foundational Links: Think of what a business will do, after launching their business, open a social media account, right? So I proceed to create social media account on Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and so on.


Diversity Links; This links do not carry much power, that can move the rankings, but are a great way to diversify your anchor text. For example, image submissions, video uploads forums, profiles and blog commenting links. This should not be your primary focus when it comes to link building. But very vital to diversify your anchor text ratio. I got around 70 image submissions through a service on fiverr.


Power Links: This links are powerful enough to move your rankings, they include, web 2.0 links (good for low to medium competition niches), press releases ( they can double as foundational links and power links), PBN, guest post and niche edits.


So, I when ahead and add all the links in the first month of launching this website, excepts adding guestposts ( don’t do this blindly, excepts you know what you are doing). This stuffs managed to put me in page 3 in two month.


What next? GuestPost + Tiered linking. This method is so powerful that, if you are serious about rankings and confusing your competitions who tries to research you links, it should be added to your link building arsenal.



And boom, the rankings popped from page 3 to page 1 in less than 48 hours. This have been tried on numerous clients website and have gotten great results, so I decided to try it out on a brand new website, if the same holds through and burst the myths that you couldn’t rank  a webpage to page one in 90 days. (Competition varies, but it largely depends on your seo budget for faster results).


Link building summary.


5 social media account registration

10 Local citations

70 Images submission

40 Web 2.0 Links (low quality ~DA 10)

10 PBN links

3 Guestpost + Tiered linking.


Guest Post: Choosing a guest post for ranking purpose, is something you like to be clear about, because most vendors can go ahead to pass PBN links as guest post and can also manually inflate the DA/PA metrics. Here is how to choose the perfect guest post.


Niche/General: Whether you decide to guest post on niche site can serve two purposes, driving relevant visitors to your website and also getting a link, which may help your website ranking. I make sure, I choose a large general blog to do a guest post with a relevant content.


The search engine has gone smarter to filter/detect links, make sure you are linking out to your website with a relevant article; I did a test currently on this, the result? Nothing changed, even though the guest post done on an authoritative website.


Traffic: I manually check if this website is getting some traffic from the search engine. My preference is a minimum of 1K traffic/month. The two tools I used are similarweb.com and ahrefs.com


For a low traffic website, similarweb.com may not give you the data, as it shows the data better, in that case, you can use, ahrefs to get the needed data.



Basic Metric: unless it’s a DA of 10, I wouldn’t want to do a guest post on it, but if it has awesome readership plus high traffic per month, while not.


TF/CF: Known as trust flow and citation flow, I would want to make sure, my trust flow is  not greater than my citation flow, if this happens, then the site may probably getting their links from a low-quality websites.


Where the magic begins to happens

Tiered Linking: 9 guest post was selected for this exercise, as shown below, site D lining to site A, site E linking to site B, site F linking to Site C. Each of these sites are linking to 20 web 2.0s and the web 2.0 are linked to 60K links.

So you have something as shown below.



Note, we only have three links touching our new websites, but the effect was dumbfounding.



In a nutshell, I was able to beat, 6 years plus domain, in the space of 3 months.




With a well though out SEO plan, you can increase your website ranking and improve your website visibility. The SEO checklist that used to work in the early days, may not give the desired results you want for your SEO campaigns and website visibility.


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