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Building successful Marketing Campaigns + business can be confusing and overwhelming.


I'm Oke Kehinde

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Hello, I am Oke Kehinde, Digital Marketing Expert.

You have probably heard the world of marketing is shifting, the traditional marketing is loosing its steam, you are willingly to make the shift.

But heck, there are lot of options and noises around you that’s termed digital marketing, with the higher chance of speaking with the wrong person or get stuck by analysis paralysis.

PLUS, lot of moving parts and updates going on around the digital industry, it can be overwhelming to catch up with and confusing to pick where to start.

If that sounds familiar, RELAX am here to give you the MAXIMUM help!

So here’s how I can help you…

I help SMEs, Internet Entrepreneurs and brands like you grow and drive targeted traffic to their website with digital marketing.

These are couple of things I do

As a Digital Marketing Expert in Nigeria

  • Generating and growing Traffic to grow online audience

  • Content Mapping and Marketing

  • Using Facebook ads to generate more sales and leads

  • Designing impressive WordPress Website

  • Leveraging on the latest digital tools for an unfair advantage over competitors

  • Conversion Rate Optimization to increase sales and leads

  • Developing Custom SEO Campaign to generate free traffic from the search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ,etc)

How it all started (Let me tell you a short story)

My first interaction with the internet was when I was 12. Since then, I have developed the passion and zeal to use the internet either for marketing, sales, learning and productivity purposes.

It all started when a cyber café opened in the neighborhood, and they decided to offer anyone that comes around free browsing, needless to say, the whole was jam packed with crowd of people who keep their fixed to a screen for hours.

I was curious, this is not a TV nor a DVD playing on  a screen, what the heck are they doing.

Well, I myself got the opportunity to lay on my hands on the PC, where I went ahead to opened my first gmail account, okekehinde[at]gmail.com.

Later proceed to how to use the Yahoo! Messenger, later on to how to earn online using the popular blogger.com platform, well with no mentorship guidance and lack of experiencing. The blog couldn’t survive.

I later on gain admission for my ND program to study Mechanical Engineering ( Federal Polytechnic Ilaro), my interaction with the internet was put on  a standby mode to face my studies.

In 2012, I luckily started out as a trainee engineer while at the same time studying my HND program in Polytechnic Ibadan (Still, Mechanical Engineering).

Well, for fours years, I worked as a trainee Engineering repairing and servicing of earth moving equipment (Bulldozers, Graders, Crane etc).

In 2016, I pulled the trigger, I quit my full time and the journey to internet marketing begins.

Today, I mostly focus on affiliate marketing, generating traffic for business owners via the search engines and Facebook ads

I’ve spent years honing my craft, and I want to help you lose that overwhelm.

The techniques I used to get results are tried-and-tested strategies based on solid business and marketing principles.

I’m more than just words on your screen…

I’m a disciple of Christ.

I’m second twin brother to a family of four, Ugwu soup lover, especially if it’s well spiced with enough melon and stock fish.

Studying Tech, Marketing and Financial materials are a great motivation for me, to keep me focused and stay abreast of what’s going in the industry.

I love traveling. I love singing, captivating smile, eating well cooked vegetable based food and looking at God’s wonderful natural creations!

Yes… that’s pretty much an excellent short introduction to the fun side of me. 🙂

Now you turn! I mean let me know, how is business doing and how I can Come in to turn up things for results.

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