Cost of Website Design in Nigeria: How much does it cost exactly

Cost of Website Design

Explained in Details

Cost of website design in Nigeria is a puzzling question for many, especially if you are business owner, or e-commerce store owner wanting to connect with your audience online. Pricing can range from N30,000 - N450K and even extend to millions

Major Determinant of Website Pricing

However, there are factors we will look into so you have of the idea how much should your website cost. Below are highlighted that far influence a website design cost the most.

  • Domain Name
  • web hosting pricing,
  • Graphics /Creatives (Logo, social media banners )
  • Content
  • Developer’s fee.
  • Other miscellaneous fees (SSL, Theme Template, plugins).

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Domain Name

Domain names are the typical name typed on the web/mobile browser to find a website, think of it as the name of the location of the website on the internet. For example, the domain name of Google is Domain name can range from N1,500 to N12,000. The extension also called TLD (.com,, .ng etc) helps us to know the final price we’ll be shelling out for this. Probably you’ve got a domain name in mind but it’s ready taken, you may let your domain registrar get it automatically in the pricing range of N28,000.

Web Hosting Pricing

This is a bit big topic, I will try to explain the modus operandi before we go deeper in its explanation. Simply put this is the accommodation you are providing for your website online. Think of you owning a vehicle where you park it, when you/someone else needs to access can be likened to a hosting company in this case.

Also, we have Nigerian web hosting and foreign web hosting companies plans to choose, they come with different pricing plan.

We have three Main Hosting Plans:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting Plan: As the name implies you are sharing some space with other website on the same server, which you are sharing some resources together. If you’ll be having a low traffic to mid traffic expectation, you can choose a shared hosting without any issues. This suited for most small business owners websites.

Under shared hosting, we have some more advanced plan like, wordpress hosting and e-commerce hosting. Wordpress Hosting is a kind of hosting that is specially adapted for wordpress websites. If you own a wordpress website that will gain some decent amount of traffic, you may use this, but it’s not really a must.

E-commerce hosting, some web hosting do not really classify as a type of web hosting, it’s good you know about it. This plan is suited for e-commerce store.

VPS/Cloud Hosting: VPS is a abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, this is a type of hosting you are allotted some space in a server specifically to you, the allotted space is dedicated to you only and no other website on that server can share it with you.

Assuming you are starting out with a shared hosting, and keep in mind the shared hosting company is a good one. The rule of thumb to use a vps is when

  • Your want to run some specific application on your web server
  • Your traffic is between 200-500 visitors daily
  • The allotted space on your compartment keeps increasing astronomically

VPS allows you more flexibility and testing compared to a shared hosting, without a need to own a physical server.

VPS hosting still allows you some technical and customer support from your web hosting, so you can be rest assured, they’ve got your back if anything happens.

Dedicated Hosting: This owning and maintain a physical server by yourself, now this is the most expensive web hosting we have around. On normal day, many will not opt in for a dedicated hosting and I don’t see the reason you should, excepts,

  • If you want a total data security
  • You need an absolute flexibility and control

This plan is usually used by government, security agencies, large corporations and institutions, where the need to keep data secures is an absolute necessity.

Website Content

Now website content is different from a website design, so you should expect to be charged differently. Depending on your schedule, availability and flexibility you may decided to do this yourself or let a web designer get it done for you. Most important content to fly a website, is the home page content, the about us page, services pages.

Content placed on a website should be SEO optimized (SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is making your website to be easy to get found online by search engines such as Google).

If you decide to write to write the content yourself, it will still need to be SEO-optimized which the designer will charge a minimal fee for, the fee charged depends on the number of pages to be optimized and content length (content; word count, images, videos etc).

As part of your content, you may need to publish one – more blog spot regularly to increase your chances of getting found online. It’s strongly advised to budget to have at least five articles written as a post on your website to start with. This will help your site SEO in the long run.

Developer's Fee

This pricing varies; a developer will charge based on the complexity of a project and the experience level. Developer charge to put all the section above together, they will also work on the customization of any theme to be used. Customization such as color themes, user interface & experience (UI/UX), number of web pages to be designed/customized etc.

If you need to design a be-spoke website (a website designed from scratch with no template) be ready to pay a developer a good sum of money from 150,000 to 2 million, even beyond.

A website like Facebook can be likened to a bespoke website, as you can’t see a similar website like that on the web.

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Attributes of a well designed Website?

 Having a website is fine, but you shouldn't get a website designed for the sake of having one, a website should

  • check
    Light and Load fast
  • Easy to navigate
  • Balanced colour theme
  • Highly Optimized to perform better on Search Engines

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