I’m Oke Kehinde 

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Helping You Increase your leads and sales With Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing Analyst

Before you delve into the world of digital marketing, it’s important to analyse your current state, and get recommendations to improve your business 

Custom Digital Marketing Strategy

Every business has its uniqueness, so also should your digital marketing strategy, and that’s where I come in, creating highly customized digital marketing plan. 

Search Engine Optimization

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Facebook Advertisement

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Email Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing (DM) is an electronic method of promoting a product/service or a brand. This includes the use of emails, social media, seo, mobile and the internet as a whole. Don’t get it complicated, digital marketing is a subtle way of promotion your product or service using all available electronic (radio ads, TV) and the internet. The methods, the strategy, the goals, are the determined by the nature of your brand/service.

Who Is Digital Marketing For?

Digital Marketing is for anyone or brand from a solo entrepreneur, small/medium organization to large corporations, who wish to push their products and promote it on the online sphere with a measurable marketing outcome without the need for a huge marketing budget.

What is The Process Like?

Digital Marketing is a broad term for promoting your product/service online, but you will have to generally go through this process (Research, Planning, Implementation, Measure, And Optimize) irrespective of the method or a combination you will be employing in your digital marketing campaign.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Me Grow My Business

Over 70% of consumers are connecting with brands/business online before making any purchase decision. This tells you, lot of people who only connect with your business if only you can be found on the online sphere.

Is Digital Marketing the Future

With the traditional marketing such as; the prints, magazine and others are loosing their steam, more business internet population growing daily leaving a huge leverage for business to take their marketing to the next level.

3. Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is not totally dead, but digital marketing benefits clearly outweighs the traditional marketing. DM allows you to compete with a smaller budget, allow more flexible and interactive marketing, and gives you the opportunity to measure the success of your marketing campaign

What is SEO In Digital Marketing

SEO, in full means, search engine optimization it’s a form of increasing the chances of your site appearance on search engines with a free/organic targeted traffic. SEO is a important digital marketing strategy that allows you to build and combines your marketing strategies on each other.

5. What Is Funnel Hacking In Digital Marketing

About Me

My Name is Oke Kehinde, and am a Google Certified Digital Marketer with clients across different industries from Solo entrepreneurs to SMEs.  


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